We secure and improve our customers information management

2makeIT offers expertise and certifications of products and services within IT infrastructure to customers with very high demands on security.

The solutions we sell are nevertheless at the forefront of what is possible based on technology, performance, security and environmental aspects as well as solutions for managing environments and systems that have ended up in EoL and must be managed until a new solution can replace the current environment.

We make sure to secure and improve information management through:

  • Secure networks
  • Safe production and logistics
  • Innovation
  • Required documentation for requirements specifications or procurements

We offer comprehensive solutions within IT infrastructure with a focus on optimal security - all with high integrity and privacy.


We help you optimize your data center regardless of security, performance, storage, networking or cloud services.


We offer safe products and solutions for a smart and safe workplace.


We collaborate with specialists in qualified high-tech security IT products and systems.