Long term relationship based on trust and mutual respect

About us and our values

We deliver IT solutions to companies, authorities and organiations with high or very high security and regulatory requirements (SUA-rated according to levels 2 & 3 up to H/S). We believe in long-term customer relationships based on trust and mutual respect. We know that such a relationshiop takes time to establish. Just like in a genuine, sustainable and valuable friendshiop reletionship.

”We have the integrity required to serve customers with high or very high demands on security”

Our background - True entrepreneurial spirit in combination with long experience from market leading IT companies.

With long experience from the industry and with true entrepreneurial spirit, 2makeIT was formed. A strong belief in long-term business relations and determination about balance in the relationship between supplier, employees, partners and customer became the start of this new player in the IT market. An actor who chooses to look at their relationship that is based on mutual respect where one listens, is present and works together to enrich each other and achieve set goals.

The company was founded in 2014 by Tommy Åsberg and Mattias Jörlén. Two entrepreneurs with over 30 years of experience from the IT industry. They have both held leading positions in market-leading companies within B2B and B2C. Tommy has, among other things, worked as Nordic Manager at Informix, Sales Director and Vice President of TCM, Sales Director at Alfaskop and Atea and Country Manager for Manufacturing and Servers & Alliance at Hewlett Packard. Mattias has also had a number of leading slaes-related roles in the IT arena such as Regional Manager at TCM, Key Account Manager at Portal and Business Area Manager at Dustin with the responsibility to start up a unit for Solution Sales.