Secured COTS by 2makeIT

2makeIT offers a wide range assortment of customized solutions and products for
preventing interception of information. We work in projects that require knowledge of companies and authorities
requirements for safety functions (KSF), regulations on InfoSÄK and clearing radiation.

We have a solid competence and experience developing existing products to new innovative solutions.
Together with our partners we produce, modify, test and certify the solution to a homogeneous unit.
Throughout the process, we have a close dialogue with you as a customer to ensure that
the solution / products meet your accreditation requirements and time frame.

Please contact us if you need training in TEMPEST and / or requirements for approved safety functions (KSF).

TEMPEST Products

As a base, we have a number of products that can  be modified to TEMPEST to the highest NATO and EU standards, SDIP-27/2
Level A and B.
The products have been developed in collaboration with our partner OSPL Nederland B.V. which is an ISO 17025 and NATO-SDIP-55 accredited TEMPEST company.

Getac S410
Secured by 2makeIT

The Getac S410 delivers performance, safety and durability in a semi-rugged and slim design. Experience the fast-paced 8th-generation Intel® Core ™ i7 processor, air-tight security tools with multi-factor authentication, and customization features to suit all professionals with high security and robustness requirements.

HP ZBook 15 G6
Secured by 2makeIT

2makeIT offers a customized HP ZBook 15 G6.
Through Secured COTS by 2makeIT, components such as camera, microphone WiFi / BT and NFC have been eliminated to make interception and hacking difficult.

Other I / O can of course be sealed.